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English Language Courses

Successful language learners look for clear milestones along their journey to mark their progress. SMiLE therefore bases its courses upon tried and tested pathways with opportunities for students to show and enjoy their progression. Studying English is like climbing Youtei where a steady determination to reach the next goal is more effective than racing for the top, becoming demoralised and giving up.    

In order to ensure learners can communicate in 'real English' situations we teach all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) in balance. Imbalanced learning results in frustrations such as 'I read well but can't understand everyday speech' or 'I can listen and understand but struggle to say anything'.

By making sure learners have a solid foundation based on all four skills, they are like the accomplished skier who learns good technique, practices it daily and then tests it in various conditions. With the confidence that they know how to deal with ice, powder, steep terrain or moguls, they can enjoy the challange of new terrain in any situation. English requires a similar approach.    

English Language Courses:

Young Learners from (9 to 15)

English for Communication from (15 to adults)

English for English Teaching Professionals (School Teachers)


Hokkaido Exam Centre - JP 181

Hokkaido Exam Centre JP 181 is authorised by Cambridge Assessment English

We prepare students for and offer the following Cambridge English exams :

Young Learners Tests ( Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers )   
A2 Key & A2 Key for schools
B1 Preliminary & B1 Preliminary for schools
B2 First & B2 First for schools
Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)
Delta Module 1