S.M.i.L.E Niseko Japanese and English Language School S.M.i.L.E Niseko Japanese and English Language School

English for Young Learners from 7 to 15

The best opportunity for anyone to have success with a foreign language is when they are young enough for learning feel like fun, not to feel embarrassed by making mistakes or pressured by exams, to go out and test their ‘language muscles’ and to take advantage of natural language learning potential.

We have taught children English both inside and outside Japan, in monolingual classes and multilingual groups, in the mainstream school system and in private language schools.

We believe the Niseko area offers Young Learners of English a unique opportunity within Japan not only to learn English but to use it.

Before the reading and writing focus of Junior High School, Primary School children can develop and build confidence in communicative English based upon:

  • a Global standard approach to learning English used in over 130 countries 
  • a structured course specifically developed to motivate and challenge ‘Young Learners’
  • expert teaching based upon in-depth understanding of theory, its application and reflecting knowledge of a range of relevant methods and approaches

    The courses are structured to build up a grammatical foundation, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, just as an adult would expect from a good foreign language course.

So what makes a Young Learner English course different ?

The difference is that the method and materials ‘disguise’ learning to make it feel less school-like and a more interesting, ‘fun’ experience for the younger learner.

This relies upon:

  • Small classes (maximum 12) and lots of interaction between learners
  • Native speaker English as the classroom language 
  • A well-balanced '4 skills' methodology that enables steady, long-term progress
  • Less sitting around and note taking, more doing
  • Carefully designed learning materials that are relevant to children and engaging
  • Avoidance of long periods on one activity to maintain concentration
  • Learning through activities young learners enjoy i.e. ‘singing’ and ‘game playing’
  • Discreet assessment within the course to identify when individual learners need more support or more time to progress.
  • Providing a positive first impression of and association with language learning
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How do we know Young Learners are making progress ?

Our objective is that Young Learners are able to pass and could if they wish receive an Internationally recognised Young Learners Certificate to prove their achievement at each of the three levels : Starters, Movers and Flyers.

These tests and have been developed specifically with children in mind are a platform for later progression along the Cambridge English ladder including IELTS or indeed for any other examination in English such as TOEFL or TOEIC.

Cambridge English Ladder

We plan for each of the 3 levels of Cambridge Young Learners to take 60 weeks or 2 years of study with SMiLE. To study all 3 levels will take around 6 years, equivalent to the time a child spends in Primary School.

This is a long journey but we believe it is an investment by both parents and children that will influence the rest of their lives.  

Just as is the case for adults, some children need more time than others for their language skills, understanding and confidence to develop. Our focus is always on real ‘progression’ and working towards a goal. Not all children will learn at the same pace and we have designed our courses and terms around that fact of life. 

For more information please contact us with questions and we are happy to explain in as much detail as you wish.

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Hokkaido Exam Centre - JP 181

Hokkaido Exam Centre JP 181 is authorised by Cambridge Assessment English

We prepare students for and offer the following Cambridge English exams :

Young Learners Tests ( Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers )   
A2 Key & A2 Key for schools
B1 Preliminary & B1 Preliminary for schools
B2 First & B2 First for schools
Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)
Delta Module 1

Still at school?

Join our Young Learners course and qualify for 1/3 support from the Mountain Scholarship Fund. 

Cambridge English Newsletter

This is the Cambridge English Newsletter for Parents

Cambridge English Newsletter #12

Course details for Young Learners

Course dates :
13th April 2015 - 27th November 2015
(3 week Summer break 27th July - 14th August)

Duration :
30 week course

Frequency of lessons:
Twice a week

Duration of each lesson:
40 minutes

Time of day:
After school  

Max. no. in class:

Foundation for YL, Starters, Movers, Flyers
Literacy workshop


Course text book fee: